February Fitness Challenge

This year is not about New Year’s Resolutions. It’s about lifestyle changes that I should be able to maintain.

That’s why I am embarking on a February Fitness Challenge. By writing about it, I hope to hold myself and you, my readers, accountable for our own fitness goals.

Last month, I was challenged to train for a half marathon. Having only ran (ok, jogged) 5Ks, I was beginning to realize this goal was not realistic for me. My challenge will come in increments. I am starting off with steps (literally) and food, and working up to running that next 5K.


Here are my goals for February and how I plan on reaching them.

1. Reach 10,000 steps a day.

I like to have measurable goals. By using a FitBit to count my steps, I am able to see achievement towards my goal throughout the day. Another great app is one that is synced with Samsung phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S5. S-Health is a great app for counting steps, but the full features only work in connection with Samsung wearable devices.

2. Stay within my daily/weekly points.

I am a Weight Watchers member, and have found the program to be successful for me. Two years ago, I lost almost 30 lbs., but unfortunately, inconsistent eating habits and workouts have caused me to gain most of the weight back. This month, my goal is to use my daily points and keep within my weekly flex points.

3. Only weigh myself once a week.

My weigh-in day for Weight Watchers is Thursday. That is the only day I should be stepping on the scale! Many fitness experts caution against looking at those digits since pounds are not necessarily an indication of health. If my goal is to stay healthy and maintain that lifestyle, it should be more about the way I look and feel than the number on the scale.

4. Collaborate and talk with others about my goals.

This is where YOU, my readers, come in. Talk about what you are doing to stay healthy! Let’s help hold each other accountable. Also, check out what some of my favorite bloggers are doing to stay healthy in February and beyond!

Heidi Woodard from MaternalMedia talks about how being a runner shows commitment in every aspect of life.

Erin from Home with the Boys gives 3 tips on how to become a more physically confident runner.

Nicole McDonald from Mom Saves Money takes a 12-week P90X challenge.

What are your fitness goals for the month?

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