The Little Moments

If you really believe teachers have three months off, I have some ocean-front property in Nebraska I can sell you. However, I am enjoying some free time with my family. We’ve spent countless (10) hours at the pool this week between swim lessons and, well, just swimming/lounging.

On Monday, Liv was still hesistant to float or put her head in the water too often. By Wednesday, she was floating and swimming on her own! What a difference a summer makes.

Next week marks eight years of marriage. Liv just turned 5. The boy will be off to college soon enough, and I just keep thinking about how these summer moments are dwindling. Soon, she will be more interested in hanging out with her friends than jumping into the pool to mama. (Heck, it’s happened a little already.) Her questions are getting deeper (How do you get a baby in your tummy? Grandma, do you miss Grandpa?), and her heart is getting bigger. She is obsessed with recycling and saving the environment (thank you Pre-K teachers), and she wants to be a doctor for pets or a daycare teacher. She has time, right? Of course. But, it was like yesterday that I remember the conversations with the boy about what he wanted to be when he grew up, and here he is, almost an adult.

Post-pool selfie

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Lamenting as I may, these last few days have reminded me to stop and cherish the moments I spend with my little person. Listening to her voice, watching her grow and change, and taking a ridiculous amount of pictures, I keep relishing these little moments.

Liv's first time fishing (and her first catch)

Liv’s first time fishing (and her first catch)

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