5 Expert Tips to Get Started with Pokémon GO!

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This guest blog was written by administrators of the Omaha Pokémon GO Facebook Group.

What started out as a rumor has now become a reality for many children, teens, and adults across the globe. Pokémon GO, the top downloaded game in the iTunes and Google Play markets, has taken many people by storm, bringing together many aspects of our everyday lives such as socializing, technology, and health/fitness.

The game brings you into a real world satellite image of your city and places the memorable and easily recognizable characters from Nintendo’s Pokémon franchise within your surrounding area with the use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology. With millions of people playing and plenty of locations to be covered, groups, teams, and local businesses are flocking to support the PokéCommunity.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s own Huskers football team put on a Pokémon event that reminded us all how this game can bring a community together.

Groups like the Omaha Pokémon Go Facebook Group are created to support trainers (Pokémon enthusiasts/followers, and GO players) to help them find the various Pokémon around their community.

The group also hosts events for patrons of local businesses and trainers from across the metro area to flock in and capture the virtual creatures. Businesses also benefit from increased visibility and traffic, which means more sales!

While the game is less than 30 days old, millions have downloaded and begun their journeys to become Pokémon Masters! Whether you started on day one or you’re just downloading the game, here are 5 Expert Tips to Play Pokémon Go from the Omaha​ Pokémon GO​ admin group!

Image from Omaha Pokémon GO

Image from Omaha Pokémon GO

1. Be active!

image from Omaha Pokémon GO

image from Omaha
Pokémon GO

Get out there and enjoy the weather, have a walk with friends, or stop by your favorite local shops. Wherever you go, walk! PokéEggs won’t hatch if you don’t get moving. Rarer Pokémon and high output Pokéstops, friendly gyms, and neutral gyms are always a short walk away. Don’t be afraid to break a brief sweat; there are plenty of others doing the same thing!

2. Be aware!

Always be cautious of your surroundings; please do not “Catch and Drive”! Your safety and the safety of others comes first. Be mindful and respectful of the area; not all locations are open to the public and plenty of businesses across the US are restricted access areas.

Pokémon are specific to location. Plenty of ground, normal, and flying type Pokémon may reside in your neighborhood. To catch the more elusive bunch, however, you will have to branch out a bit more. Water types are by creeks, rivers and lakes, electric types by power plants and well-­lit areas, and dark/ghost types can be found at night and in cemeteries across the city.

3. Restock, Resupply, and Repeat

image from Omaha Pokémon GO

image from Omaha Pokémon GO

While sitting at a location and chatting with friends is fun and a great way to play, be sure to find areas that have plenty of Pokéstops. Once you’ve collected the goodies at a stop, be sure to come back within 5-­10 minutes to collect again. It’s recommended to cast out lures to attract plenty of Pokémon as you go. You may also want to use an Incense or Lucky Egg to increase Pokémon attraction and double your gained XP!

4. Catch and Release, Transfers to the Professor

Image from Omaha Pokémon GO

Image from Omaha Pokémon GO

Finding your favorite Pokémon is a great experience, and it is important to understand that candies are needed to level up your new virtual friend. Catching the same Pokémon repeatedly will generate candies upon capture and will provide you +1 candies upon transfer to the professor. It’s recommended to keep your higher Combat Point (CP) Pokémon and transfer all other duplicates of the same kind to level up and speed up your CP boosting process.

5. Socialize and Connect

Image from Omaha  Pokémon GO!

Image from Omaha Pokémon GO!

One of the most important tips for playing Pokémon GO is to connect with other trainers! Join a community that is willing to provide locations, host events, and meet with you and others on a regular basis! In the game, teams do exist so you will get a pick at either Team Valor (Red/Moltres), Team instinct (Yellow/Zapdos), and Team Mystic (Blue/Articuno) after Level 5! You will also be able to reinforce, challenge, and take other trainers’ gyms depending on your team!

If you’re in the Omaha metro area (or visiting), Omaha Pokémon GO is a large group with plenty of events planned and upcoming in the near future. With events for all ages, trainers from around the metro can benefit from community set lures, posted locations, and hints on how to score a big catch within the game!

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Sound off- Do you play Pokémon GO? What is your best tip for a newbie? What do you love most about the game?

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