6 Ways to Relax During School Drop-Off and Pick-Up

6 Ways to Relax During School Drop-Off and Pick-Up

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Nothing can be more infuriating than navigating the lines of traffic when you pick your kids up from school. Mothers who parade outside their vehicles in couture clothes and little bodies darting between cars can be stressful. Here are six ways to relax during school drop-off and pick-up.


1. Turn on the Tunes

Whether your style is classical or R&B, some music can help you relax when retrieving your kids from school. Put on some light listening like The Piano Guys during drop-off then roll up the windows while you get your frustrations out with some Eminem. Sing-along carpool karaoke style before your little ones crawl in the backseat and you’re forced to put on the edited versions of your favorite drive time ditties. I am a little obsessed with Prime Music so I can constantly stream all my favorite tunes (from classical to gangsta rap, yo).

2. Diffuse, Destress

Bring out the essential oils. Scents like lavender can help soothe the savage mama. Make sure to check for reputable essential oil companies, and dab some on your wrists or diffuse away with a car diffuser. Check out some cool diffuser necklaces, so you can always have your oils on you at a moment’s notice.

3. Caffeinate

Legally drink in the car lane. Pick up a cup of coffee from your favorite barista or brew at home. Coffee beans make everything a little more zen. Don’t forget to dress it up with a mug that conveys your mood, favorite sports team, or where you’d rather be (Jamaica, anyone?). Too warm for a hot brew? Ice it up and get one step closer to the beach.

4. Literally Listen

Get a book on tape, and watch the minutes dwindle away. Audiobooks are available on digital sites like Amazon’s Audible and Itunes. Pick a New York Times’ Bestseller or listen to an old favorite. Check out Glennon Doyle Melton’s Love Warrior to feel empowered as a mom, or giggle along with Amy Schumer and The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo during pick-up time (not suitable for little ears). Right now, I am listening to A Man Called Ove, and I look forward to long waits in the car! Not ready to commit to an audiobook? Check out some Podcasts like NPR’s Serial.

5. Eat the Candy You’ve Been Hiding

Tired of having to hide the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? Sick of stashing your Starburst? Get a few sweets in between sips of coffee while you wait for the kiddos at pick-up time. Keep a few non-melting goodies tucked in the glove compartment for that quick fix.

6. Think About Everything You Love About Your Kids

Even though drop-off and pick-up can be a pain with all the traffic, crazy parents, and darting children, it’s a perfect time to reflect on what makes your kids so amazing. Think about the conversations you’ll have when they get in the car. Instead of just asking, “How was your day?” and expecting the words “fine” or “OK” to escape their lips, tell your kids how blessed you are to be able to drive them to and from school every day. Talk to them about what really made them love or hate school that day. Remind yourself (and them) how much you need and love them.

How do you chill out when picking up your kids? Sound off in the comments! (Dads too!)

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