bridging the (age) gap

When you have one kid who is entertained by an empty plastic bottle rolling around on the floor and a kid who prefers to play XBox or ride his skateboard or bike through the neighborhood, it’s hard to imagine how a day trip could appease both parties.

Obviously, some concessions have to be made for the little one during naptime, feeding times, and general cranky time, but the boy (her twelve-year-old brother, my stepson) usually wins out. I must admit that his idea of fun is more in accordance with my own. I can only giggle insanely at a  “Nickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants Cuddle Pillow” for so long.

Today, we thought we’d try bowling. There is the “Kids Bowl Free” 
promotion going on at many local bowling alleys, but we decided to go for a lunchtime special at a nearby place. For $6.50 each, we got (don’t judge, I got the workout from bowling, right?) a cheeseburger, fries, a soda, and two games. Shoe rental, I believe, was extra, but I think the woman gave us a discount because the scoring was messed up on our lane. We certainly didn’t mind. The boy and I kept trying to guess how many pins would register. It was a game in itself.

I was relishing in my bargain but wondering how I was going to be able to bowl with Liv wanting to climb out of her Bumbo to walk around the alley. The boy did a great job entertaining her when I had to bowl, and Grandma saved the day when she decided to stop by on her way home from the store.

Overall, bowling was a successful endeavor for the preteen and munchkin summer activity. The boy enjoyed the sport itself, the food, and the hilarity of the scoring malfunctions. Liv loved watching her brother throw the bowling ball at the pins, the noise, the food, and the surprise visit from Grandma.

On the way out, the manager made sure to show us the smallest size bowling shoes available, so I don’t think her giggles and squeals left a bad impression. Hopefully, she’ll bowl better than her mama.

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