The Posts We Really Need to Hide on Facebook (Hint: They’re Not Direct Sales)

A fellow momaha blogger recently wrote about the abudance of direct sales business promotions inudating her Facebook newsfeed. She encouraged her friends to stop promoting their business on their personal pages and stick to the business pages on Facebook (which any business owner knows is a hard code to crack when it comes to visibility).

Sure, Facebook has rules about what you can and cannot sell on your personal page, but many reps choose to share their stories and inspirational messages. Why? Because it’s part of their life. It’s part of who they are.

Full disclosure: I am a representative for Young Living Essential Oils, and I have a Facebook Group where I post most of my oily-related things. I rarely share anything about my business on my Facebook page, but I do share other things related to teaching, grad school, and parenting that many of my other Facebook friends probably have little to no interest in. It’s OK. It’s my page, and if they aren’t interested, they can scroll by or hide my posts. I am not hurt by this.

Instead of worrying about our friends who promote their businesses online, our focus should be on those who promote hate.

This political season has caused me to hide or even unfriend several people who post messages that foster discrimination towards minority groups, particularly Muslims and LGBTQ individuals. The hate being spewed towards immigrants or even American citizens practicing their faith and those who identify as transgender, lesbian, gay, or bisexual in the name of Christianity is unsettling.

This, of course, was not the focus of the blogger’s post mentioned above. She just would like to see her newsfeed go back to vacation photos, pictures of kids and puppies, and family interactions. I get that, but for a different reasoning. It’s not the stuff about wraps, nails, candles, or face creams that’s clogging of my feed. Keep them coming while I hide the posts that focus on hate.

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