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Today, I’m featuring Stephanie from Bee Tree Studios! Stephanie is a digital scrapbooker, designer, creator, and mom!


1. How did your blog get started?

Let’s see, back in May I decided to start applying for Creative Team positions with digital scrapbook designers. It made sense to start a blog to share my scrapbook layouts. It evolved from there to include a lot of Project Life posts because that’s one of my biggest passions. I enjoy sharing Project Life (and all scrapbooking really) with others since I think it’s really important to have a way to document and pass on our stories.

2. What is your most essential “mommy” item?

This is easy, baby wipes! They are great for everything! -Change a diaper? Check! -Sticky fingers? Check! -Need to clean a stamp? Check! -Clean off a sticky (computer mouse because you ate lunch while scrapbooking)? Check!

3. Who is your favorite Disney Princess? 

This is actually a really hard question to answer because I really love a lot of them. I’ll be a rebel and tell you I really love Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana and Merida the most. It’s hard to choose because they share a lot of common traits. They are independent, selfless, hard working and caring. There’s a lot of personal growth in their movies and really, they all aren’t interested in trying to “win the prince”. Heck, in Brave, Merida actively refuses the princes she’s supposed to choose from! I love that they aren’t defined by their marriage goals (or lack of marriage goals)!

4. What is your best blogging tip?

My best blogging tip is: push through and get it done! I’m very proud that I’ve stuck to my goal of writing posts for every weekday and unintentionally ended up posting every day.

Yes, some people say “only post when you have great content to share” but I have to disagree (at least for me personally). If I start telling myself I don’t have a great post for the day, I start to use that as an excuse. Then it’s a habit to skip writing! No post means no blog!

Now, I will admit that I’ve had some epic failure posts. It happens. But it’s something to learn from. I try to figure out what was I missing. Was I unmotivated and it showed? Was it epically boring? Did I fail to pay attention to details and forget to add my SEO information? Did I forget to share my post on social media? I’ve done all these things and more but now, since I have 100+ posts under my belt, I have a method for how I write my posts so if one bombs, it’s normally because I didn’t put enough effort into promoting it or it just wasn’t interesting to a lot of readers.

I can change the effort, but the only way to make sure to create a post every time that readers love is to write what they want to read. While I keep in mind what my readers like, my blog is also for me so sometimes I will end up writing a post that probably won’t be that popular. Funny thing is, some of the posts I’ve written that started like that, end up being some of my post popular posts!

To sum it up, persevere, stay true to you and pay attention to the details!

5. Who is your fashion icon?

Y’all might think I’m a little weird or nerdy, but my “style icon” would have to be Allison Scagliotti’s character, Claudia Donovan, on the TV show “Warehouse 13”. I love her character’s funky style and it’s also great to see how the character’s style has grown from “fun funky” to “mature 20’s funky”! (here’s two link if you’d like to know what I’m talking about! 1, 2

I actually wanted to be a fashion designer for awhile when I was in high school and into collage but plans change! On a more traditional note, I love Grace Kelly’s style as well. I dreamed of wearing a wedding dress like her’s (this one actually). Katherine Middleton’s dress was very similar! It didn’t happen for me though!!.

I know, funky and classic? What can I say, I’m all over the place! Truly though, I love those styles but personally, jeans and a hoodie is what I end up wearing pretty much every day. Sometimes I get crazy and don’t wear a hoodie or sweater!

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  1. September 27, 2013 at 10:49 pm

    Thanks for the feature! I’m honored! =) Hopefully I don’t sound too crazy! 😉
    Stephanie @ Bee Tree Studios recently posted…It’s Project Mouse and Template Challenge Time!My Profile

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