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Once again, it’s Fan Friday! Each Friday, I interview a fan and feature them and their blog (if applicable) by asking five unique questions.


This Friday, meet Joanna from Makingmine! I had the pleasure to meet Joanna a few weeks ago at a local blogger meetup! I am so excited for Joanna to share more about her blog and beautiful family with my readers.

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Joanna with baby Eleanor
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  1. Tell a little bit about your family and the inspiration for your blog.

I’m Joanna, and I blog at Makingmine. I’m married to my amazing husband Jeff, and we have a three-month-old daughter Eleanor. I’m also mom to our Westie pup Ruby. We recently moved to Omaha, NE which is how I first became a reader of Liv, Laugh, Love!

My family is really the inspiration for my blog. I strive to live the healthiest, happiest life possible, and they are at the center of it! I’m currently embarking on my postpartum fitness journey and have been experimenting with a real food diet. I also always love a good cupcake recipe or fun craft project!

  1. If you could have just one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would would choose a HUGE breakfast. I’d want french toast, hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, and a big bowl of strawberries! I’d probably eat that for every meal even if I didn’t have to!

(Editor’s Note: That sounds delicious! Let me know when we are going to breakfast!)

  1. What are your three favorite things about blogging?

My absolute favorite thing about blogging is the friendships it has forged. I’ve developed awesome relationships with readers and bloggers from all over the country! I recently even got to meet with one of my all-time favorite bloggers as she was passing through Omaha!

Aside from that, blogging is a creative outlet for me. I enjoy having a project, and my blog lets me experiment and explore. I also love that I can look back and see a chronicle of my life. So much has changed since I first started blogging. It has really evolved with me.

  1. Who is your favorite celebrity mom?

I think Tina Fey would be my favorite celebrity mom. She delved into motherhood in her book, Bossypants, and she has a hilarious way of saying what we’re all thinking. If you’ve never read it, you really should!

  1. What has been your silliest moment as a mom?

Oh man, I’ve already had SO many silly moments as a mom. I’ll do pretty much anything to get Eleanor to smile. Sometimes I forget where we are and start making the most obnoxious noises just to get her to giggle. But the moment that takes the cake is when I left the house with a diaper sticking out of my shirt. I was too consumed with how Eleanor looked that I never stopped to check myself out. Oops!

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