Haunted in Nebraska

Halloween is inching closer, and you don’t have to travel far to find bone-chilling haunts in Nebraska. From legendary scares to haunted attractions, the Cornhusker State has you covered for all things fear-inducing. Check them out!

Haunted in Nebraska


The Real Deal: Haunted in Nebraska

Nebraska State Capitol Building in Lincoln, was built on sacred Native American grounds, and has experienced its share of tragedy. At least two known deaths happened at the Nebraska State Capitol building, but obviously that isn’t something everyone really talks about.

If you take the elevator to the top dome you may be able to hear the sound of a man weeping. You won’t see anyone around if you look, though. Screaming can be heard from inside the building, too.

Hummel Park in Omaha is thought to be one of the most haunted places in the city, and that could be because it is an ancient Native America burial ground. The stone staircase located at the top of the park has been given the name “Morphing Stairs” because the number of stairs changes every time they are counted. Many murders have been committed inside the park. Victims include an Omaha prostitute and a 12-year-old little girl whose remains were found in a shallow grave.

Barnard Park used to be a cemetery, but the city turned it into a park. During the renovation process, not all of the bodies got moved. Graves were not marked properly and made it hard to determine where they were located.

Ghosts have been seen passing through the park, laying on the park bench, and more. When the park was a camp for Mormons on the Mormon Trail, a woman and her daughter stayed the night at the camp. The little girl died while there. Their souls are believed to still wander the park.

Hat Creek Battlefield (formerly Warbonnet Creek Battlefield) has reenactment buffs that have reported hearing the sound of running footsteps when no one else is around. Voices can be heard speaking in the native language of the Cheyenne Indians, and no one can understand what they are whispering. When a green glowing mist appears, witnesses begin to feel panicked. July is the best time of the year for ghost hunting here, with the most activity happening around the anniversary of the battle.

Haunted Attractions in Nebraska

Lincoln Escape Room has rooms for you and your friends to try and escape in under an hour. Can you find an antidote for a massive bio-terror attack? Can you find the Missing Musician while locked in the study? Do you dare explore LiCastro’s Lair with your group? Beware, you might find a coffin in the room! If you book at Lincoln Escape Room during the week (Monday through Thursday), you can save 10% off your ticket price. The only thing I love more than haunted attractions is saving money!

The Escape Omaha is a live escape game where you get an hour with your team to escape the Four Brothers room or crack the code to save the asset from The Forgotten Outpost. You may get the chance to solve the Uptown Murder, but can you do it in an hour?

Haunted Hollow is the only 3 story haunted house in Omaha. Some of the attractions featured are Heartbeat Bridge, Barn Maze, Mike Meyers’ House, Buried Alive, Nebraska Chainsaw Massacre, and the Mausoleum. Which one will you try first?

Scary Acres is said to have three of Omaha’s greatest attractions. Master’s Castle, Haunted Woods, and House on the Hill are all rooms you can visit this year. Scary Acres features full concessions, and a bonfire every night to keep you warm.

Which one will you be visiting first?! Let me know in the comments!

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