I auditioned for (Blogger) Idol

Nope, not the Idol. I think I would make the outtakes of American Idol with my voice though.

When one of my students told me to stop singing today, I told them I had a voice of an angel…if that angel was Lucifer.

Back to the real reason for my post.


I auditioned for Blogger Idol.

I am nervous, excited, and exposed. It’s almost like I am standing in front of Simon Cowell.

In all reality, I am doing what I always do. Typing at my keyboard, blogging about my daughter, and doing it all in my Adidas pants with my hair in a sloppy bun.

At least I didn’t have to shave my legs for this.

Go to the Blogger Idol Facebook Page  and Twitter and tell them you want Liv, Laugh, Love to make the Top 12. That will mean more of my writing and less of my singing. Who wouldn’t want that?

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