law and order, baby!

The American Association of Pediatrics discourages television viewing for children under two years of age. No one balks when Liv watches Sesame Street or even a little of the mind-numbing, stupidity of SpongeBob with her dad. But what about the massive marathons of Law and Order SVU that are on TNT or USA nearly every day? Are we supposed to stop watching Benson and Stabler just because we have a little one (a LO whose name was inspired by the female Detective Olivia Benson herself)?

Of course, we don’t sit down and watch hours of the program with Liv, but occasionally, we will flip it on while she is preoccupied in her playpen or sitting on the floor playing with her array of Fisher Price toys.

That’s when we discovered Liv’s affinity for the Law and Order theme song. She can be laughing, crying, eating, falling asleep, or playing. It doesn’t matter. The song causes her to stop, listen, and stare at the television until the song stops. Liv has never seen a full episode of L&O, SVU, Criminal Intent, or the original, but she certainly knows the theme. Check out the video below.

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