Can you have a baby after a molar pregnancy?

What if I get pregnant after molar pregnancy?

Most women (more than 98%) who become pregnant after a molar pregnancy will not have another molar pregnancy. There is also no increased risk of complications in future pregnancies.

Why do you have to wait a year after a molar pregnancy?

The risk of GTD coming back is highest in the first few months. You will need to wait a year after finishing your treatment before you try and get pregnant again, if you have chemotherapy . It’s important to know that having a GTD does not increase your risk of having a baby with abnormalities.

Can a molar pregnancy cause cancer later in life?

Choriocarcinoma is a very rare type of cancer that occurs in around 1 in 50,000 pregnancies. It can develop if the cells left behind after a pregnancy become cancerous. This can happen after any pregnancy, but it’s more likely after molar pregnancies.

Can you get pregnant after a complete molar pregnancy?

Yes, you have every chance of getting pregnant again and having a healthy baby. The risk of having another molar pregnancy is small (about 1 in 80). It’s best not to try getting pregnant again until all your follow-up treatment has finished. For most women, this will take about 6 months.

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Is there a heartbeat in molar pregnancy?

These include feeling nervous or tired, having a fast or irregular heartbeat, and sweating a lot. An uncomfortable feeling in the pelvis. Vaginal discharge of tissue that is shaped like grapes. This is usually a sign of molar pregnancy.

How long do you have to wait to get pregnant after molar pregnancy?

Because pregnancy HCG levels also increase during a normal pregnancy, your doctor may recommend you wait six to 12 months before trying to become pregnant again. Your provider will recommend a reliable form of birth control during this time.

Can you detect a molar pregnancy at 5 weeks?

An ultrasound can detect a complete molar pregnancy as early as eight or nine weeks of pregnancy.

What are the complications of molar pregnancy?

Complications of molar pregnancy

haemorrhage. ovarian cysts. breathlessness (when it spreads to the lungs) pre-eclampsia (toxaemia of pregnancy), involving high levels of certain substances in the blood that raise blood pressure and affect the kidneys and (sometimes) liver function.

Is a molar pregnancy malignant?

A molar pregnancy contains many cysts (sacs of fluid). It is usually benign (not cancer) but it may spread to nearby tissues (invasive mole). It may also become a malignant tumor called choriocarcinoma.

Will a molar pregnancy test positive?

Molar pregnancy

In a complete molar pregnancy, there is no embryo or placental tissue present in the growth . Conversely, in partial molar pregnancy, there may be some fetal tissue in the molar growth. During a molar pregnancy, a person’s hCG levels will increase. This may lead to a positive pregnancy test.