How do you baby proof a balcony?

How do I safeguard my balcony?

Given below is a list of useful tips to help ensure the security of your balcony and ultimately, your home.

  1. Ensure Balcony Doors and Windows Are Locked When You Leave Home. …
  2. Installing Balcony Security Systems to Monitor Your Home. …
  3. Re-enforce Your Balcony Railings. …
  4. Set Up Security Gates to Prevent Burglaries.

Are balconies safe for babies?

A balcony is great for relaxing on and enjoying the view, but sometimes there are hazards that can make it a dangerous place for your children. they are child (or even adult) friendly. are not encouraged to climb up them. Don’t leave potential trip hazards on the balcony e.g. toys, buckets and spades etc.

How do I protect my child from balcony?

Supervise your children while they are on the balcony. Keep doors leading to balconies locked so that children cannot gain access to them. Do not allow children to play on stairs. Install stair gates at the top and bottom of stairs to prevent young children from gaining access to them.

How do you childproof balcony railings?

If you have horizontal balcony railing, you need to make sure your babies don’t have any leverage to scale them. The best solution is to install a Plexiglas shield on the railings. Make sure the glass in on the inside rather than outside of the railing so your child doesn’t have anything to grab on to.

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