How do you reset a newborn Luvabella?

What is the A and B switch on Luvabella?

Slide Luvabella™’s ON/OFF switch to the right (half volume or full volume) and she will turn on (D). Luvabella™’s A/B switch is to adjust language: (A) is English and (B) is French. Always remember to turn Luvabella™ OFF (O) after playing to save the battery life (E).

Does Luvabella learn new words?

Luvabella™ learns through play. This is how you can teach them new words and phrases. The more you play, the more they develop.

Can Luvabella cry?

Luvabella Newborn™ can get fussy at times. She is a Newborn baby. If Newborn is fussy, hungry or needs soothing, she will begin to cry.

What can Luvabella say?

She will begin to make curious sounds. When you move your hand or material away, she’ll say “PEEK-A-BOO!“. Note: If she is not reacting, ensure her eyes are fully covered.

What kind of batteries does a Luvabella doll need?

Luvabella Newborn makes a great gift for kids aged 4 and up. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). She’s so real, she’ll amaze you!

Does Luvabella come with batteries?

The Luvabella doll requires 4 x C cell batteries. These are not included when you buy the toy. You can buy the batteries from Amazon.

How do you clean Luvabella?

Every baby gets a bit dirty! In this case, never give your Luvabella™ a bath – water will damage the electronics. Instead, take a damp cloth and gently wipe away any dirt.

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