Question: How do I know if my real care baby is sleeping?

How long does the real care Baby sleep?

Quiet Times can only be used up to three times during a simulation, and each Quiet Time has a maximum of 12 hours each.

How long will real care Baby cry?

You are allotted 100 minutes of crying time before it starts to affect your grade.

Why is my real care Baby not making any noise?

If the Baby is not making any sound, or the sound is distorted/cutting out it could be due to a connection problem. Test the speaker 1. Lie the Baby face down. Make sure that the red light is on (solid or flashing) and the yellow light is off (occasional flicker once every 15-20 seconds).

Why is my real care Baby coughing?

Coughing or cooing (happy) sounds means Baby is awake. Hearing the ID chime but not being able to quiet Baby for a few minutes means Baby was just fussy. Baby cries if it is upside down or on its tummy for five or more seconds. … You have 2 minutes to start caring for Baby before missed care is recorded.

What does a solid red light mean on real care Baby?

Solid Red shows 40% or greater charge on batteries. Flashing Red shows 39% or less charge on batteries. No Red Light indicates batteries are completely dead, Baby must be charged overnight before next use. … When Baby is plugged into the charger, the Green Light comes on and stays on until full charging is completed.

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How do I reset my real care Baby?

If a communication error is encountered when sending or retrieving data, reset RealCare Baby by pressing and holding the reset button by Baby’s battery pack for 5 seconds.

What does tamper mean on a fake Baby?

 Tamper Indicator A tamper indicator light blinks if the control box has been tampered with in any way, or if the student cannot figure out how to quiet the baby and uses the Panic key. The light blinks until reset by the teacher, regardless of whether or not the control box has been removed from the manikin!