Question: When do babies stop pulling hair?

Why does my 1 year old pull my hair?

Grabbing and pulling hair, like kicking, pinching and hitting, is one of the many ways toddlers express themselves. It’s also a way of taking control of their environment. Young toddlers aged one year to two years often do it because they‘ve discovered it gets a reaction, and they want to get it again.

Why does my baby grab my face?

It is a desperate attempt by the baby to get your undivided attention. This behavior is common among mobile babies, mainly in the gap between eight months to eighteen months. Younger babies might touch your face while you are holding them or wearing them in a baby sling.

How do I stop my toddler from pulling hair?

Teach him how hair should be handled by letting him brush your coif after you brush his. Encourage empathy. Ask him how he would feel if somebody pulled his hair (or kicked his shin or bit his hand). Help him understand the consequences of his actions and he might stop and think before he does it again.

Can you grow out of trichotillomania?

Trichotillomania is not just a bad habit, it’s a mental health disorder, and it’s unlikely to get better without treatment.

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