Quick Answer: What was the condition of the child when he lost his parents?

What was the child’s condition when he was being noticed by the stranger?

Answer: The child was amazed to see a huge crowd of people at the fair. This left him confused and a bit afraid. However, the natural sights, stalls of eatables, rides, games and toys at the fair fascinated him.

What was the plight of the child after he had lost his parents in the fair?

He lost his parents and thus there was no one to take care of him. He knew that his parents would not help him again. He was utterly sad and depressed and lost all confidence. He was very depressed and utterly sad on what happened and could not even do anything to help himself.

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What did the child see when his mother told him to look at what was before him?

Answer:His mother, melted by the free spirit of the day was tender and, giving him her finger to hold , said, “Look, child, what I before you!” It was a flowering mustard-field, pale like melting gold as it swept across miles and miles of even land.

What did the child speak repeatedly after losing his parents?

Answer: The child panicked when he realized that he had lost his parents. He was puzzled, angry, and desperate. He cried and shouted for his parents.

What changes do you notice in the Behaviour of the child once he is separated from his parents?

He was very excited and happy with the stalls of toys and sweets. He gets separated from his parents and starts crying. He runs hither and thither in search of his parents, but in vain. Since the place was overcrowded he got real scared.

How did you know that the lost child was a nature lover?

Answer : We can know that the ‘lost child’ was a nature-lover because he was initially fascinated (attracted) by the flowering mustard-field, the dragonflies, little insects and worms, bees and butterflies on the way to the fair. … In the story, the child was a lover of the nature.

What difference do you notice in the child’s Behaviour before and after he gets lost and separated from his parents?

Ans: Before losing his parents, the child is in a happy, cheerful and playful mood. He gets attracted to many things on the way but follows his parents’ call whenever they ask him to. He is amazed by the beauty of nature and enjoys it in his innocent way.

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How was the child lost in the fair?

Answer: In the fair , there were many beautiful things like toys , sweets , balloons and many more. The child wanted all those things but his parents were neglecting him and in watching those things the child was lagging behind . … In this way the child lost in the fair.

What are the conditions of the child after being lost in the fair?

The condition of the child was that he demanded various things in the fair to whom he was attracted like music of snake charmer , round about , sweets , toys , flowers etc..

Who took the child to the fair?

Explanation: the child went to the fair with his parents who had some financial problems . There the child sees many things that he wants and ask’s for them. He doesn’t wait for an answer and goes ahead as he knew the financial condition of his parents.