What animals get pregnant?

Are all animals pregnant for 9 months?

From octopuses to elephants, plenty of animal mothers go above and beyond for their young, even before they’re born. While women carry a child for nine months, some animal species have pregnancies that last years. (See National Geographic’s pictures of animal mothers and babies.)

What is a pregnant animal called?

Gestation is the period of development during the carrying of an embryo, and later fetus, inside viviparous animals (the embryo develops within the parent). It is typical for mammals, but also occurs for some non-mammals. … The time interval of a gestation is called the gestation period.

Which animal dies after childbirth?

Octopuses are semelparous animals, which means they reproduce once and then they die. After a female octopus lays a clutch of eggs, she quits eating and wastes away; by the time the eggs hatch, she dies.

How long is a gorilla pregnant for?

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