post-baby body

Me, circa 2001 (Who knows? Size 2?)

I decided to blog about losing the baby weight because I know it’s something a lot of people fear, struggle with, or rock at. It’s definitely a conversation that comes up with many pregnant gals. I don’t want to say that my way is the only way. To be honest, I don’t really have a plan. I have just worked out, ate reasonably, and had a lot of people to motivate me. I don’t want this to be a “brag blog” either. I just want to share my experience, so my readers can (1) share theirs and (2) hold me accountable to continue!

Pre-Liv I was struggling with my weight. I was used to being thin without trying in high school and college. I ate what I wanted, and it wasn’t usually healthy. Carbs were my friend. I frequented Valentinos and in college we had “Nacho Sunday” where we bought nachos and every type of dip you could want. Sometimes I ate a meal a day, sometimes I just snacked, sometimes I didn’t feel like eating. I did not have healthy eating habits. I didn’t think it mattered because I went out, danced the calories off, and frequented the gym just as much as Taco Bell.

As I got older, my eating habits got somewhat better. I ate normal meals that contained vegetables, for example, but I still liked the junk food. My body decided that it wasn’t 22 anymore, and my metabolism caught up. Most of the time, I looked in the mirror, and I liked who I saw. I was a happy person. I found the love of my life, and eventually, after six years, married him. I also found a job that I love, teaching middle schoolers. Life was good, for the most part.

2009 in Estes Park, Colorado (Size 8-10)

 Even though I was content with who I was, I was not happy the way I felt physically. I was tired, my back hurt, and I was beginning to notice the numbers on the scale were starting to climb, not stay stagnant. I wasn’t fat, but I wasn’t healthy.

Pre-baby in Pensacola August 2010, 4 weeks before we got the news (Size 12-14)

I had seen so many friends have babies and look incredible afterwards. These were often friends that struggled with their weight like I had. I promised myself that this baby would be my inspiration to stay physically fit, and although there have been some obstacles, I feel that I am almost there.

Eight weeks post-partum (size 12)

I went back the gym when Olivia was eight weeks old. I was ready to have some me time as well as prove to myself that I could get back into shape. One thing that has made me love exercising again is Zumba Fitness. I should note that I have ZERO rhythm. Just ask my co-workers who saw me in on our last day of school flash mob. Yikes! At Zumba, it doesn’t matter. You just sweat, dance, and have fun. It doesn’t even feel like you are working out. No, this isn’t an ad, I just love how jiggling and gyrating can make you feel sexy and healthy at the same time! Breastfeeding my daughter also made it easy to burn calories, and knowing that what I ate, Liv ate, was also a good reason to eat healthy. I still eat my favorite foods, go out to eat on the weekends, but during the week, I usually eat salad lunches and a wholesome dinner. Are there occasions I find myself eating a Stella burger? Absolutely. Do I feel bad about it? Nope. I just work it off.

I also have a lot of people who have supported me and motivated me to lose weight. My husband would stay at home with my daughter, even during the times he was working 12-14 hours a day, so I could have an hour or two at the gym. My friend L. is my workout buddy at the gym, my Zumba partner, and someone who holds me accountable. Another friend A. is 38 weeks pregnant and still goes to cycling class at the gym. How is that for motivation?! My first and favorite Zumba instructor is on her weight loss journey as well and is so inspirational. My coworkers did the Biggest Loser this year and we cheered each other on every step of the way! My neighbor J. has lost a ton of weight doing Weight Watchers and encourages me to use healthy substitutes in my cooking and always choose the right foods (unless, of course, we have a Stella’s craving).

My next fitness goal is to enter a race. No marathons. No huge competitions. I am not a runner. I don’t imagine I ever will be, but a mud race? I think I could get on board with that.

A Few Races to Check Out
With the exception of the Warrior Dash, which was this weekend, all of these races are in September in the area. I know this will be a challenge, but my goal is to “compete” in at least one.
Summer is a great time to stay in shape, but it’s also a great time to get lazy. Feel free to drop me a note asking how I am doing on my goals, and I will definitely do the same for you!
June 2, 2012 at a friend’s wedding…Size 4-6 and 53 weeks post-partum

 What are your fitness goals? How did you lose weight post-pregnancy? What are some things you struggle with? Feel free to share!

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