Can you connect two baby gates?

Do you need two baby gates?

They will require two flat surfaces to press against, such as the stair banister and wall. … Just remember that you should only us expandable gates at the bottom of the stairs, never the top. This is because a child’s weight may cause the gate to slip and fall.

Why is there a gap in my baby gate?

This is NOT a defect, it’s just the way your pressure mounted gate looks before it’s installed. Once installed properly, the gate will align and the gap will decrease.

How does a retractable baby gate work?

Rather than being made of rigid wood or plastic, the Retract-A-Gate is plastic mesh and works like a roll-up window shade; you simply pull it out as far as needed to cover the bottom or top of the stairs.

How do you use a retractable baby gate?

How does Retract-A-Gate work? After installing the Mounting Brackets, simply attach the safety gate to either side of the doorway by fully snapping the gate into both brackets. The baby gate has a secure lock on it, so once you pull the mesh across and hook it in place; you can then lock the retractable safety gate.

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How high should a baby gate be off the floor?

It specifies that the gate should be no less than 22 inches tall, and that the distance between the bottom of the gate and the floor should be less than 3 inches, so that a small torso can’t pass through and there’s minimal risk of a head or neck getting stuck.

How do I stop my baby gate from moving?

The wall Cups for baby gate spread the pressure from the baby gate over a much larger surface area . The rubber grip wall Cups pads stick to the walls to keep the gate from sliding. So that you can tighten the bolts more and making the gates safer without creating holes or leaving marks on the wall.

When should stair gates be installed?

Set Up Baby Gates

When you install them depends on when your baby starts getting more independent – but make sure you have the baby gates in place by the time you see that your baby is about to start crawling. If your baby spends time both upstairs and downstairs, have baby gates at both ends of the staircase.

What age do you stop using baby gates?

Install gates in homes with children between 6 months and 2 years of age. If possible, remove the gates when the child turns 2, or when the child has learned to open the gate or climb over it.

Which way should a baby gate open?

Most will swing open only one way, although you can decide which way you want a gate to swing. At the top of the stairs, a gate should swing away from the stairs (not over them) for maximum safety.

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