How many diapers come in Huggies big pack?

How many diapers are in a Huggies size 4 jumbo pack?

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This item HUGGIES LITTLE MOVERS Diapers, Size 4 (22-37 lb.), 24 Ct., JUMBO PACK (Packaging May Vary), Baby Diapers for Active Babies Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers, Size 4, 88 Ct
Item Weight 1.70 lbs
Size 24 Count (Pack of 1) Size 4 (88 Count)
Style OLD Jumbo Pack Size 4 (88 Count)

How many packs of diapers come in a box?

Diaper boxes tend to be packs of two packages of diapers that contain between 100 to 216 diapers. They are less expensive than individual packages of a few dozen diapers that you’ll go through very quickly.

How do I get free diapers from Hello Bello?

Head over to Hello Bello and enter your information (as a new mom or expecting mom! Use coupon code FREEDIAPERS and pay just $1.00 shipping and you get your free pack of newborn or size 1 diapers!

How much do diapers cost monthly?

The average baby goes through eight to 12 diapers a day, which, according to the National Diaper Bank Network, can set you back $70 to $80 per month, or about $900 a year. If you choose not to breastfeed, formula can cost up to $150 per month, or about $1,800 a year.

Do Huggies Little Movers have chemicals?

Huggies Little Movers are elemental chlorine-free.

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This process reduces the toxicity of the chlorine, but it’s still hoped that Huggies move towards making their diapers completely chlorine-free in the future.