Quick Answer: How do I zoom out on Summer Infant monitor?

How do you zoom out on a summer baby monitor?

Press the zoom button to magnify the screen. Press the button again to zoom out.

How do I adjust the brightness on my summer baby monitor?

Adjust the handheld screen brightness by pressing the POWER/MENU button. Select BRIGHTNESS from the menu. Use the UP and DOWN arrow buttons to adjust the brightness.

How do you keep a summer baby monitor on?

Answer: The Summer Baby Pixel Zoom HD Video Baby Monitor has a power save mode feature that helps to conserve battery life by automatically turning off the screen when the handheld is not plugged into an A/C adapter. The audio and the sound-activated lights feature will remain activated.

How do I reset my Summer Infant monitor?

Turn off the handheld unit, remove the battery, reinsert it and turn the handheld unit back on. Rebooting the handheld unit can resolve sound issues, including feedback.

Can I connect my summer baby monitor to my phone?

The Baby Link Wi-Fi camera automatically connects to a home wireless network enabling parents to view in-home and away from home on smartphones, tablets and computers via a free Summer Link WiFi APP for Apple and Android devices from U.S. iTunes and Google Play APP stores.

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How do I sync my summer baby pixel monitor?

Answer: The Summer Baby Pixel Color Video Monitor camera needs to be paired with the monitor handheld. To pair the camera to the monitor handheld, turn on the camera, then press and hold the camera power button for approximately 7 seconds. Blue lights will flash on camera while syncing.

How does summer zoom HD Connect?

Press and hold the handheld POWER button for 3 seconds. The handheld will automatically sync with the camera. NOTE: The handheld unit and the camera are synced at the factory for privacy reasons.

What is a VOX setting?

VOX stands for “voice-operated exchanged”, and is sometimes also referred to as “voice activated transmission”. With VOX switched on, the microphone is always listening out for your voice. When it detects you are speaking, it will then automatically start broadcasting.

What does high VOX mean on baby monitor?

level of the baby unit

You can use the parent unit to adjust the microphone sensitivity of your baby unit. The higher the VOX sensitivity level, the more sensitive the baby unit is in detecting sounds for transmitting to the parent unit. The VOX sensitivity level is preset to HIGHEST.