Should I buy a double stroller for first baby?

Is a double stroller really necessary?

At the end of the day, double strollers are definitely worth your money, specially if you take your kids out often for walks, parks, family events, shopping, etc… For the first few months of your newborns life a harness is amazing!

How do I know if I need a double stroller?

Instead, look at their height and weight. A tall three year old might not be able to ride in a tandem second seat, but would be fine in a larger side-by-side. Knowing the height and weight of your child allows you to choose a stroller that can go the distance. Suitable for weight from birth to 50 pounds in each seat.

What type of double stroller is best?

The Best Double Strollers in 2021: The Final Showdown

  • The best all-terrain double stroller: Baby Jogger City Mini GT2.
  • The best jogger double stroller: BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie.
  • The best double umbrella stroller: Delta Children City Street LX Side by Side.
  • The best travel double stroller: Zoe Twin+ (Zoe XL2)

Do you really need an infant stroller?

Stroller will be more comfy if you plan long strolls on fairly flat terrain that a lightweight stroller with small wheels can handle, and there won’t be large crowds so you will move around easily. If your baby still naps during the day and don’t like sleeping in a baby carrier, then a stroller is must-have.

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Is a convertible stroller worth it?

Convertibles give you options. And because they’re so versatile, convertible strollers are a great value. If you’re the “getting your money’s worth” type of parent, you’re in the right place. On the downside, convertibles are generally big and heavy, since they ultimately have to hold 90-100 lbs.

What double stroller has the highest weight limit?

Best Strollers For Big Kids

Name Stroller Type Capacity
Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Double stroller 100 lbs
Maclaren Twin Triumph Double stroller 110 lbs
ZOE The Twin+ Double stroller 90 lbs
Britax B-Lively Double Double stroller 100 lbs