Tuesday Truth Blog Hop-baby eats, teen boy humor, and justin bieber

Perfectly Imperfect Mom
Here are my Tuesday Truths. . .read mine, and then join the blog hop through  Perfectly Imperfect Mom , and post your own truths! Please see her blog post for the blog hop guidelines.
Our little food critic

Three Tuesday Truths. . .

1. Today, I was cleaning up after lunch and let Liv out of her high chair to walk around. I left a tiny bowl of salsa I hadn’t finished out. I heard a crash. There was salsa on the floor, the recliner, on Liv, and in her mouth. My daughter’s first taste of Pace Picante followed by an appetizer of Beneful dog food prior to dinner when she outsmarted me yet again to taste test some culinary, um, delights.

2. Before I was pregnant, I always thought it would be much easier to raise a boy. I was looking toward (not forward to) the teen years, remembering how bratty I was. I was wrong. At least I can relate to teenage girls. I don’t understand teen boy humor. I watched videos of how to be a ninja, how to be a nerd, and how to be an emo created by a couple of Chinese high school kids yesterday. The boy couldn’t stop laughing. I. Don’t. Get. It. I am not posting the link. Search it on YouTube, if you are so inclined.

3. I really, really like Justin Bieber. I think he is a role model for kids. (Don’t disappoint me, JB.) My whole family was converted by the movie, Never Say Never. He really came from nothing, worked hard, is employed by a corporate greed machine (true), but is still very talented. I am a belieber.

Now, that I got those things off my chest, check back next Tuesday, and join the Blog Hop already!

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