when it comes to football, i am stuck in the ’90s


What a crappy weekend for football.

The Huskers choked. The Cowboys choked.

It made me wonder. Why am I still cheering for teams that had their peak when I was a teenager?

The Huskers are one thing. I am Nebraska born and bred. I was raised as a child of the corn, and I suppose I always will be. I stuck with the ‘Skers through the Callahan nightmare, and watched as they got rolled by subpar Colorado teams.

The Cowboys are another story. No team has more money in college football, yet we they insist on keeping Tony Romo on their roster and have an owner who seems totally out of touch with what the team really needs.

source: someecards.com

source: someecards.com

I grew up a Cowboys fan because as an eighth grader, just getting into football, the Cowboys were the team to beat. They were winning Super Bowls. Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith were household names, and the star emblazoned my Starter jacket that I just had to have.

I can still cheer for the ‘Boys. I grew up with them. I have some sense of nostalgia, I suppose. Every time I put Liv in a Cowboys t-shirt though, I wonder why. It’s not that I have to cheer for the champion. I had no problem cheering for the Cowboys for years. After awhile though, insanity sinks in. A team that is made to win should win, right? If I cheer for a team, I should like some of the players on it, the coaches (ugh. . .Callahan).

Enter the Denver Broncos. I love Peyton. He is a coach on the field, and I’ve been watching him since the ’90s (when the Huskers beat his Volunteers). I love Denver. (I’ve never even been to Dallas.) The city and its mountainous neighbors are places that I would gladly call my second home. Retiring to a cabin in the mountains would be just as perfect as a beachfront condo on the Gulf Coast. I may need both. 😉


Is it wrong to switch your allegiance after nearly 20 years of following a team? Will Denver Bronco fans accept me into their family? Will I be able to cheer for the orange the blue should the ‘Boys meet them on the green?

I think it’s time for me to embrace my 30’s with a team that I can have a little more pride in. I’ve been to Sports Authority Field, but I’ve never been to the palace in Dallas (Arlington).

Please Bronco fans, let me know. Do you accept recovering Cowboy Fans?

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